Anal Retentive
is an essential part of's Tube of
Liberal Denial of The Existence of God

The term "Anal Retentive" is used to describe different kind of terrorists and criminals. The act of retaining your anus is very common in most American prisons along with Abu Ghraib.

Another common characteristic of the anally retentive is the compulsion to correct other's grammer.

Anal Retentive And The Homeland Edit

Persons retaining their anus are showing behavior that echoes the behavior of the terrorists. Being Anal Retentive is in the process of being legislated as an act of treason by Congress.

Acceptable Anal Retentive Behavior Edit

When in the presence of gays, one should always be anal retentive. Also, when in prison when wrongly accused (See: Jack Abramoff) one should be sure to be especially anal retentive.

Characterized by shoving ones head up their own ass to better understand the subordinates around them. Oh yeah, they're friendly.

"Anal Retentive"
is a part of's dictionary, "Watch What You Say". For the full dictionary, click here.

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