Amy Klobuchar
is a United States Senator
for the state of Minnesota

Amy klobuchar alt

If that's not a bear I don't know what is.


Admit it, Frau Klobuchar - he was your boyfriend!

Amy Klobuchar is a woman who ran against a Republican for the US Senate in Minnesota. While she was no more qualified or unqualified than her opponent, she should have lost the election for several reasons. Among them being her being a woman, a Democrat, and incredibly ugly. Due to her looks she is also suspected to be a spy for rampaging killing machines.

2006 ElectionEdit

Somehow the people of Minnesota have not been listening to Dr. Colbert and they elected Ms. Klobuchar as the first female senator for their state.

You made your bed, Minnesota, now move over and let that gay couple sleep in it!

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