Amy Chozick
is a "Certified Chick!"
You Go Girl!

Amy Chozick is a girl hip to all the happenin' things the kids are doing these days on the internets and The YouTube. She is one of the top The Google aficionados as well.

Starting off as a reporter for The Wall Street Journal, Amy is a girl on the go! She made a name for herself with her groundbreaking article about Barack Hussein Obama's skinniness and exposed how this secret threat to America's well-being portends a dark and elitist future!

The Skinniness Revealed!Edit

After thousands of hours and brazillions of internets, Amy's research peeled off the layers of obfuscation to reveal the bare core of The Liberal Agenda: Barack Hussein Obama's plan to make America ashamed of being American!

Shouldn't He Already Be Fattened Up For The Presidency By Now?Edit

Perhaps the too-fit, not-flabby-enough candidate should begin flirting with obesity and

1. lay off the workouts with the troops,

2. eschew vitamin-ridden, underprocessed, un-American foods such as Baby Carrots and Tofu, and

3. increase his intake of such all-American staples such as 7-Meat Chili, High Fructose Corn Syrup and other more Patriotic Foods.

As an added bonus to this Nation, simply giving up Arugula would make great strides toward The De- Fancy-pantsification of America!

The Pattern Of HatredEdit

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Amy's single journalistic masterpiece was only a part of a larger and on-going rescue effort by the few, brave American journalists in hiding within the bowels of The Liberal Media.

Ms. Chozick's fine work can now be added to America's Hall of Fame for Truthiness in Journalism:

  • Rush Limbaugh exposing Michael J. Fox's fake Parkinson's

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