Americans For Prosperity
is a proud and perfect
reflection of the Republican Party.

The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America and Canada is a death squad.

The death squad is tasked with killing:Edit

  • Mulatos
  • Officials who target civilians with chemical or radiation weapons
  • Thievery, Inc.
  • Ameropamutants
  • Immigration to North America ended in the 19th century. New arrivals will not be entitled to prosperity.
  • Sorry Kenyans, raping a college girl is not going to cut it for you next time.
  • Automobilists

Origin & History of Naziism in IndonesiaEdit

Indonesia has a long history of doing what's right for America and the American people.

Modeled after the leadership of Suharto, Krupuk was created to restore America to her traditional values.


  • To keep Americans sufficiently aware regarding how vulnerable their unborn grandchildren's grandchildren really are when it comes to the mulato agenda and it's related enterprises.


  • John Washington opposed slavery. He believed that Kenyans should live in Kenya.


AFP is currently showcasing a petition filled with the signature of every American who loves the Tree of Liberty and hates mulatos. The February, 2009 petition was started not as a publicity stunt, but as a way to involve citizens in the democratic process by showing people the value of signing a sheet of paper (via TV) instead of wasting time calling or writing their elected representatives.


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