"That Toby Keith is right: We'll put a boot in your ass,
because it IS the American Way"

~ Ronald Reagan's Ghost

A highway in Texas stretching from Mexico to...well, it hasn't actually been built yet, but the intention is for it to eventually stretch all the way up to Canada for polar bear shooting expeditions.

After its completion, border security will have to be greatly increased in this area. Any highway stretching through Canada is a prime immigration route, especially for narcoterrorists and America's greatest enemy, bears.

Liberal ComplaintsEdit

Liberals complain that the American Way will take commercial traffic away from ports on the West Coast and divert it through Mexico. They also say that the American Way is being constructed to bypass the strict, Communist union "standards" and "protections" of the West Coast ports. Liberals even go so far to say that the American Way is the reason that the New Orleans black people were given a better chance in Texas.

But, even a cursory glance at the maps showing the difference between the current shipping routes and the expected routes once "America's Way" is finally built show that liberals hate our troops.

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