American Flag Lapel Pin
is righteous and true
God Bless America
Washington who


Following the days after September 11th, the American people faced many obstacles. Tons of debris needed removal; the economy was at a stand still, and American people could feel the uncertainty in the air.

Perhaps one of the more unique stories of an uncertain America was the modern day American flag lapel pin. You see, during this time period many were really confused and national security was being reformed at a fast rate; changes...needed to be made. The American people had a hard time deciphering between world leaders when viewing countless hours of pomp and circumstance and unassailable sentiments on 24-hr news networks. They simply could not decide whether they were watching the president of Iran, Syria, Vermont or the United States of America. We needed a means to positively identify Americans. America needed a solution...and you know what? We. Found. One.


AWW YEAH BABY! Double DOSE! haha! Woooo!

People Who Do Not Wear ThemEdit



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