American Dad
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American Dad is a good cartoon. But no cartoon in history comes close to "The Animated Adventures Of Tek Jansen", not even "Family Guy", or "South Park" or "The Simpsons".


Stephen Colbert on American dad

it was created by the anti-american athiest Seth Woodkoksokir al-jihadMacFarlane Although it is not as great as Tek Jansen, American dad is worthy of recognition from the Colbert Nation. Stephen Colbert himself was once a guest on the show. He was so great that they offered him the franchise but he humbly turned them down to focus on the Colbert Report. Stan Smith believes in the same values as Stephen Colbert. Their main core belief is that America is the greatest of God's inventions. They fight together in a war against liberals who want to destroy everything that America stands for. They are both strong supporters of our president because President Bush thinks with his Gut and not with his head.


President Bush speaking with the man who elected him president.

Disturbing Development Edit


possible bear disguised as a comedy writer

In a recent episode of American dad, Stan Smith showed a disturbing affection for Teddy Bears. There is only one logical reason for this recent development. Bears have been become writers on prime time television. It seems that these bears have cleverly disguised themselves as comedy writers so that they can spread their hate. They are trying to make us believe that even American heroes like Stan Smith can be allies with bears. Luckily the good people at the Colbert Report have not been fooled by this evil ploy. Stephen Colbert can spot a bear from miles away.

Jane Fonda Edit

American Dad has reveled that Jane Fonda started the War on Christmas

CIA Edit

Stan Smith is the only good but psycho character on the show. Everything on the show qualifies for truthiness so watch it at your own risk. Because of the show's involvement in Al Qaeda they planed to invade Family Guy Land and fly into Stan's house.

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