"This is one show I will not be missing!"
~ Ronald Reagan's Ghost


Coming to FOX this fall.

A new drama about the real America.

After 9-11, young Americans everywhere wanted to serve their country, but were not sure how to do it. Everywhere they looked, there were ACLU kiosks, Sierra Club pin-up girls, but not one military recruiter--anywhere.

Then, in early fall 2006, a terrorist shot up a nunnery filled with elderly nuns and took their orphanage hostage!

Who would help them!

Who could find and disarm the bomb that the terrorist hid somewhere in the city!

Who was thinking of the children!

Production StaffEdit

Icon Productions, in conjunction with the producers of the true story of 9-11, DC 9/11:Time of Crisis, and America's answer to Michael Moore: Kevin Knoblock, bring a new American Century to FOX!


A rag-tag collection of wildly different personalities from vastly different backgrounds come together to save the orphanage. But only one thing stands in their way: liberals.

Everywhere they turn, liberal regulations and laws block their only mission: to save the children!

"America Under Attack!" is a drama that will show how ordinary men have to overcome extraordinary obstacles to simply do what's right.

  • Rear Admiral Joshua Santorum
    (played by Fred Thompson)
    is a life-long Naval officer, loving father and devoted husband.
  • Dr. Rad "Tiger" Rivera
    (played by Matthew McConaoughey)
    is a medical examiner working to help put his younger 14 brothers and sisters through school.
  • Professor Morgan Novak
    (played by Kelsey Grammer)
    is the principal of public school trying to get his community to allow the free marketplace revive the run-down school district. Every day he fights against the liberal bureauacracy that weakens the moral fiber of the country he loves so much. There is one ray of hope however, the frigid head of the schoolboard, appears to be loosening her grip on her liberal lesbionic ways.
  • Rickie "Newt" Dobbs
    (played by Rick Schroeder)
    is a newlywed fresh from college, just trying to figure out wat he wants to do with the rest of his life, while raising his 5 kids with his child bride.
  • Rock Limbaugh, P.I.
    (played by Tom Selleck)
    is the man who first got the call about the terrorist at the orphanage. He is divorced from his heathen, former hooker wife, but makes sure he visits his 8 kids every week. He is one week from retirement, and wants to spend it quietly doing paperwork. But when the call came in, he knew he would have to take charge. His wife and kids would understand how important his country is to him. If not now, they will later on.
  • Thaddeus Drudge
    (played by Ron Silver)
    is a Jewish investment banker who feels guilty about not being a Christian. He offers his vast fortune to help free the orphans.
  • Perry Carlson
    (played by Lynn Swann)
    is a former black, former althete fresh out of prison, who just wants to prove himself again.


America Under Attack!

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