Please use this page to post events and holidays, etc. to be highlighted on the main page.


1. New Year's Day

3. Mel Gibson's Birthday

12. Rush Limbaugh's Birthday

18. Mission Accomplished II Day (also celebrated in some places as "O'Reilliversary")

21. Martin Luther King Day, 2008


6. Ronald Reagan's Birthday

12. Darwin Day (2009 is 200th anniv)

14. Valentine's Day

22. Pray for Stephen Day, 2007!

24. Razzies, 2007

25. Oscars, 2007


03. the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival awards Dr. Colbert "Person of the Year"

10. Osama bin Laden's Birthday

13. L. Ron Hubbard's Birthday

14. π Day (@1:59)

15. National Agriculture Day (2007)

17. St. Patrick's Day

18. Halliburton Day

20. Stephen Colbert Day (Oshawa bin Laden, Canada) (first in 2007)

21. First day of Spring

25. Elton John's Birthday

27. Anniversary of Heaven's Gate's "Exit" (1997)

28. Radio-Televison Correspondents' Association Dinner

29. Amy Sedaris' birthday

Kyle Sampson testifies

30. Mohammad's Birthday

31. Cesar Chavez's Birthday

NCAA Basketball Tournament, Final Four (2007)


1. April Fools' Day

2. NCAA Basketball Tournament, Final Four: (2007)

3. Alec Baldwin's birthday

5. FOX's first night of programming, 1987

7. When Stephen Can Taste his own ice cream! (2007)

8. Easter, 2007

Betty Ford's birthday

12. David Letterman's Birthday (1947)

13. Oddest Book Title (announced, 2007)

17. Stephen Jr's B-Day

Alberto Gonzales scheduled to be questioned by traitors
Fred Goldman set to auction rights to O'J' Simpson's "If I Did It" book
participating Ben & Jerry’s scoop shops around the world will be hosting Ben & Jerry’s Annual Free Cone Day, from 12pm until 8pm
(guess which story will get the most news coverage?)

19. Alberto Gonzales rescheduled to be questioned by traitors

20. Duh, its 4:20...and Hitler's birthday.

22. Earth Day

John Waters' birthday

23. Michael Moore's birthday

24. I Can't Believe It's Not Genocide Day!

Barbra Streisand's birthday
the current Shirley MacLaine's birthday

25. Secretaries' Day, 2007

26. Bombing of Guernica, 1937


1. Mission Accomplished I Day (aka "V-Day" or "Victory over Iraq" Day)

Loyalty Day

10. Wikia Humor Blog launch! (2007)

Bono's birthday

12. George Carlin's birthday

13. Stephen Colbert's Birthday

Mother's Day

14. Wiretap The Internet Day, 2007

23. America Meets Monica Goodling via congress

Samuel David Cheney is born! (2007), with picture of the proud grandfather

24. Wikiality Day

19. Armed Forces Day, 2007

28. Memorial Day, 2007


6. D-Day

Ronald Reagan's Ghost's B-Day and RFK's Assasination

8. The prophet Mohammed dies in 632 A.D.

Barbara Bush's birthday

9. China leases Hong Kong to Britain for 99 years (starting in 1898)

10. Alcoholics Anonymous founded in 1935 by "Bill W."

Judy Garland's birthday

11. as governor of Alabama, George McGovern protected a school doorway in 1963

12. Ronald Reagan's Victory Over Communism (gave "Tear Down This Wall" speech)

Timothy McVeigh executed in 2001

13. Activist Judges pass Miranda vs. Arizona forcing the police everywhere to read instead of arresting or shooting people

The New York Times begins publishing porn in 1971

14. Flag Day

U.S. Army's birthday!
France welcomes Nazis into Paris on 1940
Nerds unveil the Univac
"Under God" becomes law in the pledge, 1954
UFO seen in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947

17. Father's Day, 2007

the Statue of Liberty appears suddenly in New York City, obviously a gift from God (not France), 1885
activist judges expel The Baby Jesus from American schools, 1963
hippie's favorite minor so-called "crime" occurs, 1972
TV's highest rated police chase takes place, 1994

18. The war of 1812 began

Napoleon was defeated in Waterloo, 1815
Sally Ride becomes the first American woman in space

19. Juneteenth

Afghanistan is blessed with their own former Unocal executive

20. Lizzie Borden was acquited for "taking an axe" in 1893

Muhammad Ali was convicted for snubbing America's troops in 1967

21. The United States Supreme Court decided it was fine to slap America in the flag

22. Department of Justice's birthday, 1870

23. America's Cup Competition (Scheduled Start, 2007)

the "type writer" was patented in 1868 by Christopher Latham Sholes

24. Henry the 8th was made King of England in 1509

25. Custer stays the course in Little Big Horn, 1876

the War of The Koreas begins, 1950

26. Strom Thurmond's Ghost is born, 2003

Christmas, 2007 as declared by the Christian in Chief
John F. Kennedy became a jelly donut in 1963

28. Stonewall Riots began this day in 1969 (and America's innocence ended)

Congress declares Labor Day a holiday in 1894
World War 1 starts after a bad post-modern punk band is assasinated

29. The United States Supreme Court ruled that America's criminals could no longer be sentenced according to Biblical Law because it was too "cruel and unusual". Wimps.

30. UFOs land in the Tunguska region of Siberia in 1908

Gone With The Wind is published in 1936


1. Canada Day (1867)

2. Nostradamus died in 1566

Amelia Earhart disappeared in 1937 (which Nostradamus predicted just before he died)
LBJ performed some routine paperwork on this day in 1964

3. Tom Cruise's birthday

4. Independence Day

5. the bikini debuted during a fashion show in Paris, 1946

Dolly, the cloned sheep was born, 1996

6. The Greatest President Ever's B-Day

Nancy Reagan's birthday
50 Cent's birthday
a fire killed over 160 at the Ringling Brothers Circus in Hartford, CT, 1944
The Frank family found a small apartment in Amsterdam, 1942

7. Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini becomes the first American to be canonized, 1946

8. Vermont abolishes slavery (the first state), 1777

Kurt Waldheim is inaugurated president of Austria, 1986

11. Stephen Colbert's Tek Jansen, issue 1 release scheduled

Aaron Burr pops a cap in Alexander Hamilton's ass, 1804

12. Congress establishes the Medal of Honor, 1862

Walter Mondale picks a chick to be his vice presidential running mate, 1984

13. The guy who died from a stab wound in his bathtub (like in the painting), was stabbed by a crazy chick while he took a bath, 1793

draft dodgers riot in New York City, 1863
The largest surge ever (The Battle of Kursk) ended with victory for America's side, 1943
God smotes New York City with a blackout (followed by a plague of looters) for harboring liberals, 1977

14. The largest whine-a-thon takes place in France, 1789

Congress does the only good thing they have ever done on this day in 1789 (passing the Sedition Act)
the official surge in Iraq began in 1958 with the death of King Faisal II

15. The Russians and their "Soyuz" spaceship attempt to ride the coattails of America and our "Apollo" spacecraft, when we launch in 1975

16. The District of Columbia is made America's capitol despite not being a part of the United States, 1790

Saddam Hussein became president of Iraq, 1979
the Bolsheviks kick commie ass in Ekaterinburg, verified by Boris Yeltsin, 1918
another Kennedy (John Jr.) dies, 1999

17. Spain gives America Florida in 1821

America pays them back by kicking their ass in the American-Spanish War, resulting in their surrender, 1898
Wrong Way Corrigan lands in Hollywood, Ireland, 1917
Disneyland opens in Anaheim, CA, 1955

18. A fire destroys Rome, Nero watches from a safe distance, 64 BC

Hitler's Mein Kampf gets published
Nadia Comaneci earns the Olympics' first perfect score, 1976

19. A bunch of chicks hold a tea party in Seneca falls, New York, 1848

20. Sri Lanka (when it was called Ceylon) ruins it for everyone by electing the world's first prime minister, Sirima Bandaranaike, 1960

Indian terrorist, Sitting Bull surrenders to Americans! 1881
Jordan's King Abdullah I is assasinated, 1951
Hollywood Liberals stage a "moon landing" in 1969

21. The Rapture begins as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is released

Jesse James robs his first bank, 1873
an Evolutionista (John Scopes) was found guilty in a court of law, 1923

22. Saddam's bastard children, Uday and Ousay get their asses kicked, 2003

23. Hale-Bope comet discovered in 1995

24. Mormons invade Utah, 1847

Activist judges order Nixon to turn over his personal recordings collection to an activist prosecutor, 1974

25. the first scientific abomination was born in England from a test-tube, 1978

26. the FBI's predecessor, the Office of the Chief Examiner, is created in 1908

27. Bugs Bunny makes his film debut in A Wild Hare, 1940

America wins an armistice for the War of the Koreas, 1953
activist congressmen vote to impeach Nixon, 1974

28. French busy-body, Robespierre, visits a guillotine, 1794

World War I begins, 1914
Herbert Hoover orders Douglas MacArthur to break up a huge sit-in from Washington, 1932

29. The world's first emo, Vincent Van Gogh shoots himself in the head, 1890

The One True Church reaffirms birth control is evil, 1968
Eisenhower creates NASA, 1958

30. America reaffirms its status as a Christian Nation by adopting In God We Trust as our motto, 1956

liberal unionist Jimmy Hoffa begins a very long game of hide-and-seek, 1975
Arnold Schwarzenegger's birthday


1. Reminder: schedule for 1 Year Anniversary internets tubes maintenance

America finishes her first census in 1790, showing 3,929,214 Americans, and 12 million illegal aliens
Adolph Hitler opens the Olympic Games in Berlin, 1936
The MTV begins at 12:01 a.m. with a commercial with very loud sound, followed by Real World, Pompei, 1981

2. The first Lincolnish penny is struck in 1909

George H. W. Bush makes his family proud by single-handedly sinks a German U-boat disguised as an American PT boat almost drowning John F. Kennedy, 1943
George H. W. Bush starts something he cannot complete in 1990 (but his son is working hard to finish it)

3. In 1492, Christopher Columbus starts a surge in the New World that takes more than 2 presidential terms to complete

France surrendered to Germany, 1914
Germany declares war on France, 1914
the National Basketball Association is formed, 1949
air traffic controllers run to their union masters crying about having to work

4. Andrew and Abby Borden are featured in the first episode of CSI: Fall River, 1892

the Frank family are evicted from their Amsterdam squatter's paradise, 1944
Jimmy Carter wastes his first year and enough paper for 1,000 forests to create the Department of Energy, 1977
terrorists torpedo boats in the Tonkin Gulf in Vietnam, 1964

5. the democrats invent the income tax, 1861

Cleveland, Ohio gets the first electric lights somehow, 1914
American actress, Marilyn Monroe chokes on a hoagy and dies under Elvis Presley's toilet, 1962
a gay is elected bishop for the gayest religion ever, the Episcopal Church, in 2003
the Test Ban Treaty is signed prohibiting nuculer testing underwater, in the atmosphere and in outer space, 1963

6. American Victory Day Pt 1 (bombing of Hiroshima)

The Holy Roman Empire officially ends with the abdication of Emperor Francis II in 1806
Jamaica declares its independence from Great Britain, 1962
African-Americans are allowed to bypass the voting test and are may also vote without paying the regular tax, 1965

7. Congress does something right by creating the War Department, 1789

The Tonkin Gulf Resolution passes Congress allowing President Johnson to fight the Vietnamese over there and not over here, 1964
President Clinton invites terrorists to bomb America's embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, 1998

8. The Gayest Navy Ever gets lucky by defeating the Spanish Armada, 1588 (no doubt by using their weapons of heterosexual destruction)

a train going from Glasgow, Scotland to London is robbed of $6 million dollars, 1963
the first California Cult makes a splash in the papers, 1969

9. American Victory Day Pt 2 (bombing of Nagasaki)

Hitler's Black Friend wins 4 gold medals in the Berlin Olympics, 1936
Ben & Jerry's favorite hippie, Jerry Garcia died, 1995

10. That little Jewish chick is sworn in as a Supreme Court Justice, 1993

A British scientist interferes with American museumology by starting the Smithsonian Institute, 1846
The Second Greatest President Ever personally gives every Jap in America a check for $20,000, 1988

11. The S.O.S. signal is used for the first time by the Arapahoe, 1909

America's Gitmo gets its first prisoners, 1934
Liberals start a riot in the Los Angeles neighborhood called Watts, 1965

12. Some fruitcake patents a sewing machine, 1851. Sissy.

The Vietnam surge is finally declared accomplished, 1972

13. Berlin is divided by a barbed wire fence, 1961

14. Social Security Act becomes law, 1935

America has its largest blackout ever! in the northeast, 2003

15. Crisco is introduced, 1911

The Real Macbeth is killed, 1057
filthy liberals filth up a small farm in New York, 1969
Jesus-haters claim to see a "solar system" outside America's Solar System, 2001. Liars.
the Wizard of Oz premiers, 1939
Ben Affleck's birthday

16. Babe Ruth died in New York City, 1948 at the age of 53

Elvis Presley died at Graceland, 1977 at the age of 42
Idi Amin, former dictator of Uganda dies, 2003

17. Fort Sumter is attacked unprovokedly, 1863

Gold is discovered in Alaska, 1896
Hurricane Camille hits the Gulf Coast, 1969

18. Congress establishes the Bureau of Immigration (precurser to Immigration and Naturalization Service), 1894

Tennessee ratifies the 19th Commandment, allowing women to vote (put into effect August 26), 1920
Lolita is published, 1958

19. Germans vote to make Hitler Fuhrer, 1934

Sergio Veira de Mello is killed along with 22 others when insurgents hit UN's Baghdad headquarters
Monica's Cigar's birthday (1946)

20. activist teachers create Head Start, 1964

Commies invade Czechoslovakia, 1968

21. Hawaii becomes American, 1959

Democrats lose their first debate with a Republican, 1858

22. filthy bastard, Oliver Cromwell picks a fight, 1642

Teddy Roosevelt becomes the first America president to ride in a car, 1902
a rare Black Panther is killed in Oakland, California, 1989
activist judges remove Roy Moore from his job as Alabama's chief justice, 2003

23. Some guy in a skirt once played by Mel Gibson in a movie is killed in London, 1305

Two filthy goombas are executed, 1920

24. God smotes Pompeii, 79

drunken soccer hooligans burn down America's White House, 1814
Mexico gains independence from Spain, 1821 user discovers Mexico and Spain are two different countries, 2017
France detonates a pussy bomb in the South Pacific, years after America does it, (cheese-eating coattail riders), 1968
baseball player, Pete Rose is punished for his transgressions, 1989
Father of The Greatest President Ever deals with a petulant Andrew, 1992

25. stubborn French know-it-alls create a port city at the mouth of a river (assholes), 1718

National Park Service is created to oversee road construction through oil and gas reserves, 1916
Americans free the stinkin' French from the Nazis, 1944 USA, USA!
Activist meteorologists declare "Katrina" a hurricane[1], 2005

26. Liberia proclaims its independence after adopting an American-ish flag, 1847

American chicks given right to vote, 1920
Major League Baseball is finally televised, 1939
Democrat governor, Kathlene Blanco does not declare a state of emergency for her state of Louisiana, no she did not, 2005

27. America drills her first oil well in Titusville, Pennsylvania, 1859

A volcano named Krakatoa spooges everywhere, 1883
American perv, Pee Wee Herman's birthday
American tough-guy, Sgt. Slaughter's birthday
Large German actress, Marianne Sägebrecht's birthday (she played Karl Rove in the musical Victims!)

28. Radio station WEAF in New York aired America's first broadcast commercial, 1922

A young black suspect is taken into "Southern Custody" following an incident involving a white woman and whistling, 1955
The first gang of black people invade America's capitol to hear a man talk about daydreaming, 1963
Liberals go apeshit in Chicago, 1968
Activist doctors decide to waste taxpayer's hard earned money researching The Gay Cancer, 1981
commie hero Leo Tolstoy was born on this day
so was the blonde cop from Starsky and Hutch
The director of Xanadu celebrates his birthday today as well

29. The final Inca ruler is liberated by a surge of Spaniards, 1533

Commies get the bomb! 1949
Strom Thurmond ends the longest filibuster ever! 1957
Trent Lott's modest Mississippi home is destroyed, 2005
commie hero Leo Tolstoy's birthday
a great American who wrote a movie about keeping secrets celebrated his birthday today
a Swedish person named Bergman had a birthday today
Michael Jackson's birthday

30. America creates a "hot line" to talk to the commies, 1963

Thurgood Marshall becomes the first Clarence Thomas, 1967
Daryl Gates, LAPD Police Chief who supervised the Rodney King beating and the riots that followed celebrates his birthday today!
The Daily Show correspondent, Lewis Black's birthday

31. Thomas Edison receives a patent for the single greatest abomination in the history of invention: moving pictures, 1887

Princes Diana dies in a car wreck in France with her Arab boyfriend, 1997
gay buddhist's hero, Richard Gere's birthday
Jewish violiniist, Itzhak Perlman's birthday


1. Germany remembers Poland, and also begins 'hand delivering' WWI payments, 1939

Muammar Qaddafi takes over Libya, 1969
Chechyn terrorists take 1,200 schoolchildren hostage in Beslan, Russia, 2004

2. London is burned to the ground, 1666

America's Treasury Department is founded, 1789
Teddy Roosevelt visits Minnesota before the airport was built and talks about "big sticks", 1901
V-J Day is declared after America kicks ass in Japan, 1945
Ho Chi Mihn declares Vietnam's independence, 1945, dies in 1969
a great White Southern governor protects his school houses with his National Guard troops, 1963

3. Labor Day, 2007

Richard the Lionhearted becomes King of England, 1189
the filthy bastard, Oliver Cromwell dies, 1658
Britain accepts America as Number One! in Paris, 1783
Pope John Paul I becomes the first John Paul Pope, 1978

4. Los Angeles is founded, 1781

great American entrepreneur, George Eastman earns a patent for the roll film camera, 1888
great American corporation, AT&T carries the first transcontinental television program, 1951 The show was Truman's opening address to the Japanese Peace Convention in San Francisco
Nine negro children defy the orders of a White, Southern governor, 1957

5. the first beard tax is levied by Peter The Great, 1698

America's first continental Congress met in Philadelphia, began taxing and spending, 1774
the Republic of Texas elects its first president, Sam Houston, 1836
Eleven Jews die at the Munich Olympics, 1972
Katie Couric's one year anniversary at CBS (2006)

6. A commie shoots an American president (McKinley), 1901

Nazis begin the Jew dress code, 1941
Japanese filmmaker, Akira Kurosawa dies, 1998

7. Brazil declares independence from Portugal, 1822

Nazis begin providing spent armaments to London, 1940
ESPN debuts, 1979

8. Galveston, Texas learns about hurricans, 1900

Huey P. Long is shot, 1935
Japan formally cuts and runs from World War 2
Hemmingway's The Old Man and The Sea, 1952
Star Trek premiers on NBC, 1966
Nixon pardons Gerald Ford, 1974
Roger Maris' 61-home run record (which lasted 37 years) was broken by Mark McGwire, 1998

9. Grandparents' Day

America becomes United States of America, 1776
RCA creates NBC, 1926
Northb Korea is born, 1948
Elvis Presley brings satanism to America's televisions, 1956
Communist China's Mao dies, 1976

10. Bill O'Reilly's Birthday

Some girlie man invents the sewing machine, 1846
Activist President, John F. Kennedy, defies Alabama state law and lets the coloreds go to school with Americans, 1963

11. Patriot's Day

America is blessed when Alexander Hamilton becomes our first Secretary of the Treasury, 1789
Hoover Damn is dedicated, 1936
Jungle-hippie pop group, The Beatles, record their first song, "Love Me DO", 1962
Communist Russia's shoe-bangin' president, Mrs. Nikita Khrushchev dies, 1971
Scotland finally gets its freedom from England, 1997

12. Henry Hudson explores the North's James River, the Hudson River, 1609

South Africa original Dead Mandella, Steve Biko dies, 1977

13. China installs dictator Chiang-Kai Shrek as president, 1943

Margaret Chase Smith, a Republican, becomes the first woman to serve both houses of Congress when she is elected to the Senate, 1948
A Jew and an Arab shake hands without any blood shed, 1993

14. Francis Scott Key writes America's anthem, The Star Spangled Banner, 1814

Congress passes the Selective Service Act, virtually forcing all young American males to join the surge in Europe and the Pacific, 1940
paparazzi chase and kill a beloved European princess, Princess Grace of Monaco, 1982
Command-wide Stand Down ordered by the Air Combat Command to review procedures surrounding the accidental routine transport of nuculer weapons which were scheduled to be decommissioned from Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota, to Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana.
PLEASE NOTE: The transport was routine. Go about your daily business, nothing to see here.

15. America's State Department gets it's current name, 1789

Southeast Mexico Junior, South Mexico, Southeast Mexico Senior, Southern South Mexico, and Western South Mexico Junior gain their independence
Charles Darwin hosts his first gay cruise to the Galapagos Islands aboard The Beagle, 1835
Germans adopt an Eastern religious symbol to represent their national pride, 1935
4 girls are killed when an IED goes off in their church, Southern Whites are looking for the real killer, 1963

16. Pilgrims go crazy from the maize and rename the town of Shawmut to Boston (which apparently is an Indian word for drunken gay orgy), 1630

One of America's greatest corporations, GM is founded, 1908
Gerald Ford goes crazy from the chronic and offers all hippies amnesty, 1974

17. Constitution Day

The Day The Department of Justice Went Dark, 2007
the bloodiest battle in U.S. military history, the Battle of Sharpsburg (Antietem for you Yankees) occured on this day in 1862
the NFL is founded under the name American Professional Football Association in Camden, Ohio, 1920

18. The first issue of The New York Times is published (as The New York Daily Times), 1851

Hippie Jimi Hendrix dies, 1970

19. American president, James Garfield is assassinated, 1881

An illegal immigrant is arrested for kidnapping the baby of great American Charles Lindbergh, 1934
the president of Argentina is scared off by a few soldiers, 1955
America tests her first underground nuculer test in Nevada, 1957
Mexico City is struck by two earthquakes, 1985
America helps enforce democracy in Haiti, 1994

20. an old man loses a tennis match to a girl, 1973

The Greatest President Ever addresses both houses of Congress to talk about terrorism, 2001

21. France abolishes the church, 1792

J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit is first published, 1937
God smotes New England (and New York) with a hurricane, 1938
Satan gives birth to The People's Republic of China, 1949

22. The British hang the spy Nathan Hale, 1776

Congress creates the office of Postmaster General, 1789
France proclaims the right to surrender as a sovereignty nation, 1792
a Republican writes a law that frees the slaves, 1862
Two of America's frenemies, Iran and Iraq start their own war, 1980

23. A Real American says, "I have not yet begun to fight", 1779

Lewis and Clark return from their expedition, 1806
Neptune is discovered by a Nazi, 1846
Nixon delivers his "Checkers Speech", 1952

24. Congress passes the "First Judiciary Act" creating the Supreme Court and the office of Attorney General

America's first nuculer-powered aircraft carrier, the Enterprise, is launched, 1960
Eight hippies from Chicago are put on trial, 1969
Liberals force America to sign a treaty promising not to exercise her God-given right to nuculer testing, 1996

25. The British capture America's foremost furniture maker, Ethan Allen, 1775

the president of the Mormon church, Wilford Woodruf, renounces polygamy, 1890
9 gang bangers are allowed to attend Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, 1957
Ronald Reagan picks a chick to be on America's Greatest Court, 1981
An estimated 14,000 die in a heat wave in France, 2003

26. Thomas Jefferson is given the job of America's first Secretary of State, 1789

America's Federal Trade Commission is established, 1914
America holds the first televised presidential debate between the distinguished Richard Nixon and Baby face Kennedy, 1960
William Rehnquist is made America's chief justice, 1986

27. The Jesuits are founded, 1540

The Warren Commission begins the longest running conspiracy theory ever, 1964

28. Eight Chicago White Stocking baseball players are indicted for fixing the 1919 World Series, 1920

The Nazis and the Commies remember to divide up Poland, 1939
unAmericans of the District of Columbia get their first mayor, Walter Washington, 1967

29. Scotland Yard begins using homos on their police force, 1829

Terrorists spike Tylenol capsules with cyanide, 1982

30. Twenty-two Nazis are found guilty at America's Nuremberg Trials, 1946

America's first Emo dies in a car crash, 1955


This is the month of "Octolbert" or "Rocktober"

09. FOX Birthday

release of I Am America (And So Can You!)

12. Columbus Day

Kirk Cameron's birthday!

17. The Colbert Report's Anniversary

24. United Nations Day

30. Stephen Colbert/Barry Manilow Peace Accord (anniv, 2006)

31. Satan's B-Day


11. Veteran's Day

22. Thanksgiving, 2007

22. ThanksTruthing, 2007


7. Pearl Harbor, 1941

Pearl Harbor Day 20. Shred Off (anniv, 2006)

25. Baby Jesus' B-Day

26. Feast of Stephen the Martyr

31. New Years' Eve

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