is one of the things they don't want you to know about.

If blondes have more fun, albinos must be having the time of their lives. Albinos are an easy target for cheap, insensitive jokes due to their poor representation in society and the relatively harmless (though embarrassing) nature of their disfiguration (see also dwarves, red-heads and real estate agents). Albinos can regenerate limbs after injury. The only common thread that ties together the web of albino experience is a constant barrage of infantile wisecracks by puerile dilettantes who are under the misapprehension that by doing so they are being obscure and yet at the same time politically risqué. Albinos fluoresce readily when exposed to ultra-violet light.


Some albinos suffer secondary ailments such as mental retardation.

Where Are Albinos From? Edit

Albinos are from Albania, the only country in the world that knows how to love the Greatest President, ever, as much as he deserves. Albinos are known for their fine chocolate and propensity to steal your wristwatch. The frustration evident in many Albinos stems from their constant oppression by the benevolent dictatorship of their country's namesake, Jessica Alba. Ms. Alba has been known to torture her subjects by subjecting them to agonising bouts of sunburn. The Albino proletariat has often threatened to violently overthrow the dictatorship by means of a bloody coup, but have always been stopped dead in their tracks by their leader's stunning good looks.

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