Al Sharpton
has been a guest of The Colbert Report
and got nailed in the process
Al Franken
Al Sharpton has earned

Al Sharpton, apparently a black man.

The Reverend Al Sharpton is an American religious and civil rights leader.

People tell Stephen that Reverend Sharpton is black, but Stephen doesn't see color, so he has to take their word for it.

Stephen met the fiery preacher while on the road with his faith tour, Colbert's America: Preach It!

On the November 15, 2005 he was mercilessly nailed by Stephen Colbert during a guest spot on The Colbert Report.


  • Doesn't talk to Tawana Brawley much
  • Ran for President in 2004, finished behind Dick Gephardt, Joe Lieberman and Carol Moseley Braun. Ouch.
  • Has the 2007 model "Hitler Mustache".
  • Actually thinks OJ Simpson is innocent.
  • His wife is Lil' Kim
  • Once ate a cat.
  • Bows to Stephen Colbert as supreme overlord.
  • Secretly hates black people.
  • Is a founding member of the afro-american chapter of the KKK.
  • Works at Burger King where he spits in your burgers.
  • Recently tried to sabotage the Barack Obama Presidential Campaign, by posing as Reverend Wright.

Reverend Al's Diet TipsEdit

  • Find an injustice, protest it until your suit loosens up a bit.

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