Al Qaeda Academy of Dance
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Al Qaeda Academy of Dance
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Ever wonder how those radical mooslims on TV can put together such large groups of people who dance in the streets whenever Nancy Pelosi tries to thwart the America-protecting Executive Orders or Signing Statements of The Greatest President Ever?

Ever wonder why they seem so choreographed? Synchronized? They all seem to jump at the same time? Shoot their guns at the same time? Make that weird half-gargling-half girl-screaming noise at the same time? It's like a mooslim version of Fame without the whorish girls and Jew teachers.

It's because they all went to the Al Qaeda Academy of Dance!

The Al Qaeda Academy of Dance (AQAD) provides a healthy atmosphere where young, robust male mooslims can burn off all that bottled-up sexual energy learning the art of dance!



The AcademyEdit

Funded in part by a grant from the Carter Adminstration, AQAD covers all aspects of modern mooslim dance with a touch of the traditional.

There is a rigorous audition process, which helps select the most talented student-dancers. No experience is necessary, and tuition can be offset with Hamas, or Bin Laden Family scholarships.

Faculty & StaffEdit


Summer ProgramsEdit

Traveling CompanyEdit

See AlsoEdit

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