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Perhaps you were looking for the radio show?

Virgin america

Check out that sticker on the nose.

Air Colbert (should be spelled Ert Colbert) is the name bestowed upon the airplane flown into the ground by the collective wills of upstart airline Virgin America and a virgin-loving God. A "The Colbert Report" decal has been affixed to the nose of the plane to make it more aerodynamic, because it can't possibly look any more American than it already is.

It is feared that there might be gremlins infesting the plane - but most reports have revealed that it is simply an unkempt "rebel billionaire" Richard Branson clinging onto the fuselage. Rebel Billionaire? That sounds like a creature straight out of the Twilight Zone.

Air Colbert. For the Heroes, By the Heroes, Of the Heroes. Come fly the sarcastic skies.

Virgin America Flight 837 performed an emergency landing at San Francisco International Airport on September 3 due to a birdstrike. The plane, registered N621VA, just happened to be "Air Colbert."

Air Colbert will be staffed with Air New Zealand employees…



There's a REBEL BILLIONAIRE on the wing!

There is currently only one route scheduled for this plane, from New York's Marilyn Monroe's Lover International Airport to, *sigh*, San Francisco International Airport. Should you happen to book passage on this flight, be sure to give Nancy Pelosi a smack in the face. Tell her "Stephen sent ya".

It is currently flying between San Francisco International Airport and Seattle.

Military Uses for the Air ColbertEdit

The Air Colbert is actually a secret transformer… shhh… News ReportEdit

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