A stirring series of shitacular films in which a precociously athletic golden retriever saves the day for a hapless basketball, football, baseball or hockey team depending on which of the crappy DVD's you rented.

Plot The plot revolves around a 47-year-old manbearpig, Tom DeLay, who has an interest in skeetball. After the death of his previous dog, Tom moves with his family to a new town and is too shy to try out for his middle school's skeetball team and too shy to make any friends. Through a series of coincidences, Tom meets Buddy, a Golden Retriever who murdered his caring owner, an alcoholic clown Norman Snively. Tom soon learns that Bud has an uncanny ability to play the sport of skeetball and imitate Mork from Ork.

Buddy becomes the coach of Tom's school's skeetball team and begins appearing in their petting zoo. However, when it is discovered that there is no rule that a dog can not coach skeetball, Buddy joins the roster. But just before the championship game, Buddy's original owner Snively decides that it is time for him to raise from the dead and cash in on the dog's success. Snively sues the DeLay family for custody of Bud with the help of the bong troopers. The judge decides that it would be an appropriate exercise of the legal system for Tom and Norm Snively to both pay off the court with the help of corporate lobbyists. The judge decides that whomever's leg the dog humps will be his rightful owner. Snively tries to trick Buddy to hump his, but becomes impatient and eventually snaps at the dog, causing Buddy to bite the paper he's holding and jump onto Tom's leg, and everyone lives happily ever after.

Sequels and spin-offs The movie generated one theater-released prequel and many direct-to-video sequels and a spin-off sitcom. In each film, Buddy learns to play a different sport and sing showtunes.

The following list indicates the sequel, its position in the series, and which sport is featured in it:

Air Bud: Golden Shower (1998) (fooseball) Air Bud: Drowned Pup (2000) (soccer) Air Bud: Seventh Inning Beer Run (2002) (baseball) Air Bud: Spikes Black (2003) (volleyball) Air Buddies?!?! (2006) Air Bud: Commie Rules (2008) (rugby union)[citation needed] Snowtune Buddies (2008)

Cast Derek Jeter – Noaman 'Noam' Chomsky / Clown the Hound Tom DeLay – Tom DeLay Wendy Makkena – Mrs. Jackie DeLay Bill Cobbs – Coach Dick Chaney Eric Kwanza – Judge Reinhold Jonas Fredrico – Julius Ceaser Nicola Cavendish – Sgt. Pepper Brendan Fletcher – Larry Willingham Norman Browning – Mr. Buck Willingham James Manley – Prof. Plum Joeseph Lester – Father Cunningham Stephen E. Miller – Coach Joe Don Baker Shayn Solberg – Tony Stewart Jesebel Mather and Kati Mahter – Andrea Framm Buddy the Dog – Buddy Franco the Catboy – Buddy's Illegitimate "Nephew" Snazin Smith – Nurse Ratched (uncredited)

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