Agents Provocateur was a Word of the day on 04/13/2009.
Agents Provocateur
are tools Patriots use to battle America's enemies
God Bless America

Agents Provocateur are person(s) trained in the art of discovering secret socialists hiding amidst patriotic Americans protesting the communistasization of our great nation.

Working undercover, these agents provocateur volunteer to undertake their mission of exposing America haters to show how much they (and not the protesters) love America.

Notes, Pajama media tea baggers notes

It's also the name of a line of French Erotic Lingerie. Which is used to discover who's gay.

Origin & HistoryEdit

Famous Agents ProvocateurEdit

Currently the most famous Agent is Kylie Minogue, best proof of this is her "Banned Agent Provocateur video" [1]

Why There Is A Need For Agents ProvocateurEdit

Lingerie has to be worn by the right people

How Agents Provocateur Do What They DoEdit

With style

How Agents Provocateur Help AmericaEdit

Stopping the french from have all of the sexy Lingerie.

See AlsoEdit

Hi, I'm Sally Struthers, and I'm here to tell you how you can help pages on
In the same amount of time it takes to drink one cup of coffee, you can fill an internets tube with
the truthiness it so desperately needs.
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