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People that are prejudice against someone based on their age.

Age-ists are against giving ages 18 and under special privleges (like letting them see the Colbert Report)

You can usually recognize an AGE-ist by the color of their hair.

But there is a second side to the term age-ist. It also refers to those who do not believe that old people are worth the inheritance they sit on. These people are the true revolutionaries. These proud youths are looking out for the better or man kind; paving the way for our future.

Old peep's get in the way, they’re slow, they use up our air, and they're allowed to do stupid things without people holding it against them. These are crimes against the very things that founded our dear nation. Let's give credit where it's due here. The old ones had their day, they did many great things, and they probably lead very productive lives. And now, it's our turn. They're getting a little greedy here, They've had 60-70 years of good life, now get out of the way and let us have a crack at it.

What's the use hanging around here anyway? If you were good, you've got heaven waiting for you stupid, get going! And if you didn't lead that virtuous a life, well, you had fun, and you're probably tired. So go take the long nap already.

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