makes satanic music
which are lullabies to the Baby Satan


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Aerosmith is America's greatest rock n' roll band. The band consists of singer Steven Tyler, lead guitarist Joe "Fucking" Perry, rhythm guitarist Brad Whitford, bassist Tom Hamilton, and drummer Joey Kramer. As if the band wasn't American enough, all the members are from the New England region. Also, they play music that was invented in America, blues rock. They've been kicking ass since 1970.

Media Edit

Aerosmith has been involved in many American pastimes, such as cinema and video games. The Revolution X arcade game involves the band needing to be saved by you, the player, while combating vamipirish enemies. Of course, being and American band, they did not need to be saved, so they shoved their boots up the vampires asses and left.

The band was also involved in the movie Wayne's World 2.

Superiority to Other Bands Edit

Aerosmith is superior to the bands that influenced them, those British bastards that need not be mentioned (you know who you are), in many ways. First and foremost, they are American. 'Nuff said.

Factoids Edit

Steven Tyler is a direct descendant of George Washington.

Steven Tyler knows God.

Tom Hamilton is a frequent bear hunter.

Aerosmith is another word for sex after marriage so that procreation may occur.

Joe Perry's real middle name is "Fucking".

Joey Kramer is amazing.

Brad Whitford is radical.

Aerosmith are devout followers of Jesus Christ and the true religion.

God listens to Aerosmith on a daily basis.

Steven Tyler was in the Life Alert commercial.

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