Adam Putnam
is a United States Representative
for the "Fightin' 12th" district of the state of flordia


Adam "Opie" Putnam meets fellow Florida Republicans at the airport. This was the first time Adam has been allowed to go to the airport without an escort!

Adam "Opie" Putnam is a representative for Florida's 12th congressional district.

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  • Called a "Howdy Doody looking nimrod" by Marion Berry
  • was a farmer, rancher
  • currently the second youngest member of Congress
  • w/ President at elementary school on morning of 9/11
  • "Putnam also garnered attention when he stated "white rednecks” who “didn’t show up to vote for us” cost Republicans their Congressional majority in the 2006 elections."
  • "He pointed out in the Appropriations Committee that he can't accept many trivial gifts like baseball caps or beef jerky because of a 50 dollar limit on gifts to Representatives."
  • "Putnam also accepted at least $1,000 in contributions from disgraced Republican lawmaker Mark Foley."
  • Nancy Pelosi false claim
  • Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus

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