Abu Ghraib
Belongs to The Vast Left-Wing Media Conspiracy

Oh ya, this guy is gonna be an ally now

Abu Ghraib (pronounced Abu Garrib or Abu Gar-raid, but never exactly as it's spelled) is a prison in Iraq. It is a delightful low-security resort where terrorists, Arab Hate America Firsters, enemy combatants, and liberals frolic and cavort joyfully, while feasting on caviar and camel meat.

That Torture ThingEdit

It became infamous in 2004 when pictures of detainees allegedly being tortured by soldiers were extracted from the tubes of the Internets by the liberal media. The soldiers were made out to be Americans, but come on! Why would Americans torture Iraqis? We went there to bring them freedom, and to help them "distribute" their oil better. These "soldiers", if they really were soldiers, were probably evil North Koreans, or just frat boys having a bit of fun.

Case ClosedEdit

The issue was resolved once and for all when The Greatest President Ever said the perpetrators had been punished. Reports that the torture orders came from further up the chain of command are just nonsense. Get over it liberals. The President has.

Fun FactsEdit

Tube SourcesEdit

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