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Absinthe is what old people used to drink before God gave man Radium Water and Zima for their recreational liquid-drug consumption.

Chemical CompositionEdit

  • Distilled wormwood and herbs
  • added sugar
  • hallucinogenic properties


Absinthe can be added to any recipe in place of eggs

Enjoying AbsintheEdit

Absinthe can be drunk like beer, smoked like tobacco or freebased like crack

Colbert Absinthe-tinence PledgeEdit

I, state your name, do hereby pledge to practice absinth-tinence by remaining absinth-tinent from Absinthe...

Since Absinthe incidents in many instances induce incipient synesthetic inspiration and sinister synthetic insistence on sin,

I sincerely insist I will be absent from instances of Absinthe ingestion, this instant. [1]

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