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To honor Our Glorious Stephen this CHRISTMAS, invites only the very best Americans to contribute to this ode to Christmas and Stephen by creating a Christmas story for this new age of truthiness.

Please add your ideas below. Remember this is a family webtube so keep the filth off it. If you want to post filth, go here.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

Chapter OneEdit

Once upon a time in a land of milk and honey and balls, there lived a boy named Stephen, who just wanted a special gift for Christmas:

an Official Ronald Reagan Coal-Fired 9/11 Iran Yellowcake WMD Buster!

Every day Little Stephen prayed to The Baby Jesus for his special gift.

Little Stephen knew that if he loved The Baby Jesus enough, his fondest wish would be granted. Every morning before homeschool and every afternoon before bed, Little Stephen would pray until his eyes bled for The Baby Jesus to deliver unto him at the very least one of these precious toys.

One day, during recess, Little Stephen and his friends Little Rush and Little Bill were on their way to the local abortion clinic to scream at the whores, when the neighborhood democrats began to harass them.

"Don't think you're going to save anyone before you save yourself, Little Stephen," un-American urban liberal bully, Little Eleanor said.

"But I will," Little Stephen, "then I'm coming for you, Eleanor."

"You flatter yourself, sir," she replied.

"Yeah," agreed her toady, homo-bully Young Dan Savage with one hand on his hip.

Little Stephen had been warned by his homeschool teachers that gays were everywhere and they only wanted one thing: to make everyone as gay as they were, so Little Stephen was determined to resist any urges that may have propped up in their presence.

"And "I'm going to make you gay, Little Stephen," Young Dan Savage said, this time, waving his arm in a "Z" pattern as he snapped his fingers.

Chapter TwoEdit

The baby Satan was Jealous of the gift that Stephen wanted, so he sent his minions to attack Stephen. This was the birth of the Democratic Party. Although Stephen avoided the dirty liberals, they still exist, trying to bring down the truthiest guy ever.

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