is something Middle-eastern,
which may or may not be very explosive.
The Baby Satan has a special place in hell for
and YOU just for visiting this internets tube!

AK-47 - Is that gun that all the bad guys in the movies carry. Especially the Vietnam War movies. Even the Vietnam movies that were made by liberals who hate our troops and wanted to cut-and-run from Vietnam. It is a nasty device, invented by the Soviets for killing good Americans and for terrorism. It is used by terror cells and harvested from the sands of the desert.

In one of Clint Eastwood's good movies, you know before he became became a liberal wuss pansy, he said, "it has a distinctive hammer recoil and is the preferred weapon of your enemy who is trying to kill you." I'm not sure what a hammer recoil is but it sounds cool.

It's also mentioned in a bunch of rap songs. They're probably loading the thing's with cop-killer bullets.

However, if we could get one, that would be really cool. Like, seriously.

is a part of's dictionary, "Watch What You Say". For the full dictionary, click here.

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