ABC Logo
Common Network Name American Broadcasting Company
Slogan If you can't afford cable, we're your network.
Transmission TV Broadcast
Year Founded 1948
Corporate Owner Disney
C.E.O. Robert Iger
Types of Programs (general)
Sister Networks ABC Family
Most Popular Programs Lost, Desperate Housewhores
Most Popular Celebrities Geico Cavemen

ABC is an American television network, which purportedly stands for American Broadcasting Corporation. It was originally carved out from a rump of NBC in a late 1940's push for "media diversity." It remained the theoretical third network with mostly losing shows until it was bought by Disney. Because of its current ownership, ABC is anything but American.

We must remain vigilant against the evil that is ABC. ABC is run by Hollywood types who produce programming to make you gay. Furthermore, Disney steals your children's lunch money.

Personalities Edit

Programming Edit

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