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AARP is a special interest group for seniors. For years now, they've secretly bullied Washington congressmen with big bucks and death threats in turn for pushing the mainstream progressive cause. They're rolling in the millions but hide behind these tempting hotel discounts, magazines, and other various so-called "costs of operation."

Blatant campaigning for issues Edit

During the 2004 presidential race, about exactly 18 fully-loaded passenger vans (complete with air conditioning, AM/FM radio) were spotted being used by AARP agents en route to actively campaign for Senator Kerry. Instead of campaigning for President Bush, the organization had apparently developed problems for the senior citizen community which would fit in lock-step with the platform Kerry was running on.

As always, understands there may be some inaccuracies within this article. AARP and its goons are fully welcome to correct the errors if any are present. This situation could have easily been avoided had the organization promoted "O'Reilly Factor for Kids" as initially asked.

AARP The MagazineEdit


AARP goes smut

When their normal operating procedures screwed over their prescription drug negotiating advantage, the old people's group got desperate and started to peddle porn in their magazine, AARP, The Magazine.

While pornography is a worthwhile venture, AARP, The Magazine publishes only naked old people. People older than 50!

GOP to Stop AARP Gravy TrainEdit

For far too long these thieving seniors have been stealing from hard working Real Americans! It is time these old lazy geezers they their bootstraps and get back to work, with the support of the Tea Party, we can end this grey threat against the Free Market.

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