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A-Rod is the nickname for Hispanic baseball legend Alex Rodriguez, a Mexican Dominican-American third baseman for the New York Yankees.

His name apparently is slang for "looks like a Rod", which in turn stems from his resemblance to Rod Stewart. Stephen can't see the resemblance himself, and neither can

2009 Steroid AllegationsEdit

In February of 2009 a magazine called Sports Illustrated revieled that A-Rod used steroids in 2003 (coincidentally the same year he led the league in Home Runs and won the MVP award). What the magazine failed to consider is that that was 2003!. That's like 7 years ago or so.

I guess Sports Illustrated has never heard about the "Statute of Limitations" (ask your parents). Meaning that if enough time has passed, it never happened....and all is forgiven. Just ask Mark Mcguire, he seems to be waiting patiently to reflect publicly about his playing days for some reason.

A-Rod Facts Edit

  • Rodriguez played for the Texas Rangers from 2001-2003. In this 3-year span, he made more money playing for Texas than all other Rodriguezes in Texas combined!
  • He enjoys being booed.
  • Has a thing for post-menopausal singers. (Cher you're next!)

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