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Association of Radical American Bears

Often confused with a people who come from a thousands year old traditional nomadic way of life in the Middle East, the Association of Radical American Bears were a splinter group of bear supporters who had embraced the esoteric teachings of bear terrorist leader, Winnie The Pooh, as forwarded by Piglet in the Te of Piglet.

The alliance of pig and bear supporters was a new move by terrorist forces to bring the animal kingdom against the fighters of Freedom, Jesus and Apple Pie.

To counter the ARABs, defenders of democracy sought to deprive their animal base of their natural resources: fish and honey. This meant pre-emptive strikes into just about anywhere there was water and bees - the Earth. This new military strategy was backed by the body of Ronald Reagan as well as the executors of his brain, namely Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney.

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