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Please make sure your gut knows how to spell, punctuate, format, and use proper grammar.

6/6/06 is not common number sequence in every day life.

Demonic Attributes Edit

The day, 6/6/06, has certain demonic attributes. Most of these are linked with a smear campaign lead by Christians. They made the claim that it is the devils number. When the Satan defended the number, they cited this as proof. Many atheists have questioned how Christians could possibly infiltrate a numeral system, but these claims have been dismissed as "untruthy".

The Truthiness behind the day Edit

On June 6th, 2006, the number of deaths increased a staggering 1545%. Also on this day, 253 new strands of disease were discovered by American scientists. In addition to these staggering facts, the number of births in Iran increased 2244% on this day. In the saddest day since the birth of Satan, 250691 children became homosexuals on 6/6/06. Although many American-hating liberals will have you believe it is a perfectly normal day, it is obvious that it is not. Go with your gut on this one guys, it's an evil day created by the devil.

It's not such a bad day, or liberals will have you believe Edit

George W. Bush, as a devout Christian, firmly believes the day is evil. After the atheist questioning of how the devil infiltrates a numerical system, George W. Bush pointed out that it's an Arabic numeral system. The running theory is that Satan is hiding in the middle east.

However, since the day must, every now and again, coincide with a Sunday, it is impossible that the day itself has any demonic attributes. While the number is pure evil, the day is generally an ordinary day.

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