Hey, where the hell is
51st State???
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51st State Flag

Future Flag of America

The 51st State refers to a number of possible future state to be added to the current 50 states that is America. There are several candidates including the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Alberta, Taiwan, and Israel with all of them competing to be the next "American Idol State". The Winner of "American Idol State" will become the 51st State. The last winner is Hawaii, which subsequently become the 50th State.

District of Columbia Edit

Motto: Taxation Without Representation

It's already populated by Americans, and since it lies between Maryland and Virginia it's safe to say that they are very much Christians and God-Fearing Americans like the rest of the American South.

Puerto Rico Edit

Motto: Juan es su nombre

Formerly a Spanish colony, it is an American colony after the Spanish-American War. Puerto Ricans already has American citizenship and majority of them already lived in mainland American! It will have around 6 seats in the House of Representatives if it win the American Idol State.

Alberta Edit

Motto: Jesusland 'R' Us

It is currently a Canadian province. However, due to the many conflicts between Albertans conservative stance on issues like abortion and gay marriage and rest of Canadians ultra-liberal stance on those issues, many Albertans wanted to secede from Canada and join America. In the Articles of Confederation when America is first formed, Canada was already pre-approved! So naturally, Albertans will automatically become Americans when they secede. It's Christian; it's American-speaking; it's Conservative; it's full of oil reserves; it's full of farmers; it promises to be highly compatible with Jesusland--the American heartland--if it win the American Idol State.

Taiwan Edit

Motto: The Free China

Formerly a Japanese colony, Taiwan is an American colony after WWII. During much of the Cold War, Taiwan provided a base of operations for the CIA to infiltrate the Bamboo Curtain and spy on Communist China in Asia. After the fall of the Soviet Socialism and the rise of the Islamic Theocracy, Taiwan continue to remain a base for covert CIA operations in Asia.

Israel Edit

Motto: Protect the Holyland

Israel is presently a CIA operative country in the Middle East, allowing America to safely visit Jerusalem and feel the spirit of the Baby Jesus.
Another plus for Israel is it's hard working Sabra who, like the cowboys of America, don't fear to live in the frontier.

American Idol State Edit

Stay tune to the Wikiality tube for the truthiness coverage on which candidate will be the next "American Idol State".

U Aint Here
51st State
is not a Recognized State of the United States of America.
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