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But c4s are better than PACs, according with the FEC they don't have to disclose they are billionaires. They are like campaign finance glory holes: You stick your money in the whole, the other person accepts your donation, and because it's happening anonymously, no one feels dirty!
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~ Stephen Colbert
September 29, 2011

501(c)(4) (patriotic legal money laundering)

A 501(c)(4) is a patriotic tax-exempt status that allows people to donate piles and piles of money anonymously to a shell company which can later donate their secret money to a SuperPAC of their own chosing. A 501(c)(4) organization does not require donor disclosure, perfect for that shy billionaire who would like to give away their vast fortune anonymously. Some donors are just too modest and shy to take credit for their civic duty of giving unlimited free money.

How to Form a 501(c)(4) OrganizationEdit

To get some of that anonymous sweet free money you would first need to form a 501(c)(4). The following steps are so easy, even a lawyer can do it:

  1. You need an anonymous shell corporation formed in Delaware.
  2. Have a board of directors' meeting and elect yourself as president, secretary, and treasurer of your anonymous shell corporation.
  3. Have no integrity whatsoever (optional, but recommended).

List of Billionaire Donors!!!Edit

endorses 501(c)(4)
and will wait for those secret donations in the mail.

[REDACTED INFORMATION]. Come back in six months after the election for an update, if we ever feel like updating.

███████ █████. Some European from one of those countries with the funny accent. Refused to give any money.

███ ██ ██ ▊███████. Wanted to give a free car. Colbert refused, he already has one of those.

███████ █████. Some nice guy who owns a sports team or something. He promised to give Colbert tons of money in secret.

See AlsoEdit

Secret TubesEdit

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