47% are liberals who dont pay taxes.

The 47%: The Filth of America. Who Are They?Edit

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I inherited nothing,
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~ Mitt Romney, the millionaire son of a millionaire declares[1]
Thurston Howell Romney

It is a well known truthiness that 47% dont pay taxes, it is also well known that they are the leeches of society. Who are these lazy bums that refuses to contribute to society so Rich folks like us can get the next tax cut?:

  • Poor working class that has two to three jobs. What, you couldnt afford a fought one?
  • Retirees. Too tire to work? Get a job, you lazy bum!
  • Seniors on Social Security and Medicare. Senior Welfare Queens.
  • Lazy not rich fake Americans
  • Liberals
Mitt Romney Those People00:36

Mitt Romney Those People

Mitt Romney will help "those people". You people, give thanks.

Romney promises to make sure these leeches will pay 100% of the taxes and pass the savings to you, the Real Americans! And the pundits love the idea!

Real AmericansEdit

Real Americans would never accept government help, never. Yet liberals continue to insist on giving free money, so we all gladly take it. That is not a hand-out! Real Americans pull themselves by their bootstraps, but you have to be a fool to turn down free money.

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