"2nd Opinion"
was featured by Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A. on "The Wørd" segment of "The Colbert Report"
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A rash on the chest is not an allergy to shellfish, especially if you love shellfish like Stephen does.

It has to be excema.

And how can Stephen or anyone else be sure what causes a rash on the chest?

With a "Second Opinion", of course, take global warming for instance.

Does this look bad to you?Edit

Global Warming can and must be handled the same way as going to the doctor to get a diagnosis more in tune with what you want your disease to be.

If one scientist says that global warming isn't happening; rest assured it's not happening, so keep eating those shellfish you love so much!

Seriously. Look at it again?Edit

It really doesn't matter why a scientist says global warming isn't happening; it only matters that he did say it's not happening.

It's really starting to hurt doesn't look bad to you?Edit

Oil corporations in conjunction with the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) offered cash money to scientists to dispute this claim that global warming is "happening".

At last count, the ante was up to $20,000 USD per scientist!

The CEO of Exxon-Mobil earned $400 million in 2006; that's the equivalent of 40,000 scientists who would have said global warming isn't happening!

...I'm starting to feel faint, can you call an ambulance...Edit

A second opinion isn't supposed to cast doubt, but if it does, hey, what can you do about it?

Of course, the only cure for hold outs is a little reasonable doubt.

You disagree? How 'bout $20,000 for a second opinion?

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