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The 2012 Presidential Election will be the next presidential election America has. It is the election preceding the 2016 Presidential Election. Directly before, in 2008 Barack Hussein Obama "won" the election, when he was sworn in he did not do the oath of office correctly, so the presidency was given to Yo-Yo Ma.

Obama-winnie pooh

Don't vote for these guys.

Justice league


Democratic nominationEdit

Even though he got the oath of office wrong the Democrats will most likely nominate Barack Hussein Obama , unless he resigns, or gets impeached. He still could be challenged by Joe Lieberman.

Republican nominationEdit

In 2012 the Republicans will nominate someone to run against Obama. They could choose the brother to the Greatest President Ever, Jeb Bush. They also could choose Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, or Mike Huckabee. Stephen Colbert could also run, he was denied a place on the Democrats ballot in South Carolina during the last election. Due to the recent Republican uprising via tea partiesthere could also be a possibility of Rush Limbaugh running

The Colbert bumpEdit

Any canidate that is running will have to go on the Colbert Report to get the Colbert Bump. This will help them win the election.

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