The 2011 Libyan civil war is an ongoing anti-terrorist war. It all started in February 2011, when the people of Lybia protested peacefully against the communist Muslim regime of Muammar Gadhafi. Gadhafi responded by sending tanks to crush the protesters and hiring people from Serbia, Mexico and North Korea to fight them. Nobody knows how or who they got them from, but the protesters acquired tanks, helicopters and rocket launchers to fight the terrorist regime. Gadhafi, instead of surrendering, responded with the same: tanks.

Then the world's peacekeeper, NATO and UN had a meeting where the great allies resolved that they needed to invade Lybia and create a "No fly zone", a zone where they could destroy any airplanes and any artillery from Gadhafi to help protect the civilians' tanks. The cowardly nations from the Eastern Bloc, Russia, China, India and Brazil decided not to vote, favouring the terrorist regime of Gadhafi. The No- fly zone was established anyway.

In one occasion NATO killed some civilians and accidentally destroyed a number of civilian tanks, but it was all the protesters' fault because they didn't tell NATO they had tanks too.

Some people suspect the protestors are actually from Al-Qaeda, but that's not true since Al-Qaeda wouldn't be fighting against an Islamic communist, since that is what Al-Qaeda believes in.

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