Votes have been tabulated for the 2007 Truthiness Awards and all the winners are listed below!

Congratulations to all the contributors and thank you for not mocking the misspelling of the Best Created Image link.

Medals will be designed and awarded as time permits, sorry.


Article of the Year

Best Featured Article of 2007 is Wikinazi

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Word of the Year

Best Word of 2007 is Monster Truck Rally

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Writer(s) of the Year

The voting community of elected three writers as Best of 2007:

  1. User:Careax
  2. User:Esteban Colberto
  3. User:thisniss
  • To see all entries, go here

Best Single Line

The Best Single Line of the Year for 2007 came from the gut of User:Mcquestion in one of's Game-like Activities, the "Design Haunted House Game":

  • The Alberto Gonzales Amnesia Room "Step inside and forget everything you ever knew!"
  • To see all entries, go here

Best Created Image

George "the Fonz" Washington, from George Washington, created by User:Careax.
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Best New Game-like Activity

Another tie:

  1. Royal Etiquette
  2. and Military Base Naming Contest
  • To see all entries, go here

Best Fake Movie or TV Show or Play or Musical

In a squeaker, the winner is Obamamamamia!

  • To see all entries, go here

Best Caption

Created by the gut of User:OHeL, for a photograph of The Greatest President Ever Honoring A Retired Army Helicopter Pilot:
"I'm a big fan of your work on F-Troop."
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