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This page is for voting for the 2016 Truthies


Make sure you under stand the Voting Rules before you vote so your vote is not later disqualified.

  • same Voting Rules apply as in "Features" voting
  • voting begins NOV 27 and ends DEC 10 (for articles written before NOV 17)

Voting is now closed
Any vote stamped after 12:00 midnight, PST (wiki-time= 08:00, 11 December 2006) will not count!

  • Winner announced DEC 18 (Weekend Before Baby Jesus' Birthday)

Categories that can be voted on

(these categories had at least 3 nominees; all other categories did not have at least 3 nominees)
Please check how many times you are allowed to vote on each page.

If you tamper with anyone else's vote,
you will be banned!
Abuse will also result in banning.
Also, please do not add any new articles, images or Users to the lists, as it will result in banning.

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