-ert are the letters that end that most glorious of names: Colbert. The Wordonistas will probably tell you this is called a suffix and should be pronounced (-ûrt). However, we have no idea what that means and usually just nail them with the phrase: It's French, bitch!. While that may sound un-American, we assure you it's not. Why? Because says so!

Other words that end in -ertEdit

Now that you know, don't you dare pronounce them incorrectly.

  • advert
  • alert
  • assert
  • avert
  • concert
  • convert
  • covert
  • desert
  • dessert
  • disconcert
  • divert
  • exert
  • expert
  • extrovert
  • inert
  • insert
  • introvert
  • invert
  • lambert
  • overt
  • pervert
  • reinsert
  • revert
  • subvert

The correct spelling of many common wordsEdit

We would notify Webster's, but we don't read books anyway.

  • affert
  • ert
  • armchert
  • chert
  • despert
  • fert
  • flert
  • hert
  • impert
  • lert
  • pert
  • repert
  • stert
  • unfert

is a part of's dictionary, "Watch What You Say". For the full dictionary, click here.

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