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Attention All Americans™!
It's time to join $cientology/Winter Holiday
on the right side of The War On Christmas!!!

While everyone else is fighting the War on Christmas, a third way is needed. Please post your ideas for a $cientology-based winter holiday. Images to illustrate your ideas are also welcome.


What name will you use for this new holiday?

  • Tom cruise-adan
    • him being the son of science as well as it's holy spirit
      • Or, maybe Cruise-mas?
  • Xenu-mas
  • Travoltadam
  • Hubbard-nakkah
  • Fourteenth of December


What will people do to celebrate/recognize this new holiday?


Christmas has one or twelve days (depending how much you love The Baby Jesus), the Jews have 8 days for Christmas Jr., and Christmas' black friend is 7 or 8 days (or whatever 3/5ths of 12 days is)

How many days will your new holiday need? 365 The holiday money collecting / burning in hell extravaganza is a year round event celebrated by all who worship the Savior, Tom Cruise


Every holiday is distinguished by the special dishes served only during that holiday. What kinds of special foods will be needed for your new holiday?


Eight Days Of $cientology

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