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"Vladimir Putin"
may or may not be in Asia or good at math

Al Franken
Vladimir Putin has earned


Vladimir Putin
is important enough for FOX to call "news".
Fox Screams, You Comply.

Vladimir Putin
is an important part of FOX's Election 2008 Coverage.
The Law is Absolute
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Vladimir is a friend of bears, see him here snuggling tight with this teddy bear, bears aren't adorable, Vladmir must not be aware that even teddy bears will rip his head off
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Vladimir "Fire Island-Three-Way" Putin is the diabolical Communist dictator of Russia. He has been endorsed by Dr. Stephen Colbert as the Republican candidate for President in the 2008 Election. Vladimir thanks Dr. Stephen Colbert for his kind words but says that he can't be President of the United States because he has to be an American Citizen. Thanks to Supreme Court Justice and friend of The Colbert Report Antonin Scalia, there may be away around that minor setback.

Due to the Jewish, Liberal Left-Wing conspiracy to place feminazi Hillary Rodham Clinton on the American throne in 2008 with evil lecher and impeached Bill Clinton ruling once again through his so-called wife, Pootie-Poot is our greatest hope for the American presidency.

We all know that Pootie-Poot's penchant for poisoning, media suppression, military aggression, and elitism is fabricated by Liberals who cannot stand the style of powerful Deciders.

It is a matter of electing the lesser of two evils. Pootie-Poot may be a Communist but his soul is really one of us. Either Pootie-Poot or Hillary. You decide. Be a Strong Decider Like a Leader.

If Hillary gets elected by rigged voting, no doubt (it would indeed be illogical that she wins fair and square), then the Acadian Mission will be terminated and the Greatest Citizens on Earth will became slaves of Acadians. At least Pootie-Poot shares the same Military Spirit, as diabolical and anti-freedom-loving he is.

The Constitution will be gone by then anyway.
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What Vladimir Wants Edit


It’s a FRACT:

Putin 08

  • " Tear Down This Constitution Mr. Scalia" - To Supreme Court Justice Scalia
  • " learn Judo, Kick Ass" - To Real Americans
  • "I didn't poison anyone" - The world
  • "Chavez, amateur idiot. Referendum for show Chechnya love Putin. Constitution make best toilet paper." - To Latin Americans
  • "People of Russia - I will be prime minister. Don't worry, it mean also President, richest man in Europe, and Father of Land. Please elect my stooge, sorry candidate, for post of "Fool to-be-replaced on Day 1." Thank you for your 80% support. We will take care of other 20% support." - to the Russian people
Vladimir putin bond villain
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Vladimir putin 15 time
Look deeply into his eyes and you may see a soul; according to Bush
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Having less than three of these in your house means death in Russia
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