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I, Josiah Stufflebean, believe that Robert Cornhole was not only the discoverer of teeth, but as well the primary founding father, the greatest American, the model heterosexual and the only American prophet. I believe that whatever Joseph Smith learned or prophecied was derivative of Robert Cornhole's Cornholism, but I still submit to Mormon cornholists like Mitt Romney and Glenn Beck. I believe that America's crises (gays, liberals, minorities, etc.) are due to the lack of a firm internalization of Cornholism.

My Cornholism Signet RingEdit

Signet of cornholism
A Cornholist's family jewel.
JstufflebeanAdded by Jstufflebean

Most cornholists, if they're man enough, will admit that it takes a powerful exercise of one's freedom to attain this ring. Cornholists, much like dittoheads, Hannitites and Glennedictines will tell you that its worth the struggle.

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