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Geography Edit

Russia is one of the only countries in the world to be in two continents being part of both Europe and Asia. Its capital Mighty Flying Moscow is located in the European half and its Asian half is currently on lease to the Magical Japanese to test Americano Bombs. They are a highly respected nation in both Continents and are currently one of the 10 world powers along with England, Ireland, China, Japan, South Korea, India, Australia, South Africa and the Moon.


Prior to America's unfortunate arrival England and Russia worked together to create the ultimate work of art and used materials from over 100 countries across Europe, South America, Africa, Asia, Canada, Pacific and The Moon. They succeeded however due to some obnoxious American outside of the secluded USA the painting has since been placed in temporal flux to avoid the Americans nuking it out of jealousy.

During the reign of her righteousness Queen Catherine Russia found an influx of great wealth and shared it with most of the world except America due to it trying to hack Russia's account and steal all its money. America continued to agrivate Russia until eventually during early 20th Century war broke out between America and the rest of the world twice. Despite what filthy Americans claim the war didn't ever occur it was merely simulated by those genius Italians. The Russians thanked Italy by giving it Ice which allowed Italy to build a climate perfector.

All other history can be found by googling History of Russia into Wikipedia however some may have been warped by filthy Americans.

Facts Edit

  • Russia is the richest country in the world, they have so much wealth their people are payed 1 billion dollars every minute for being Russian comparatively to Americans losing 1 billion dollars every minute.
  • Russia is secretly communist just like every other country and actually at the secret UCN (United Civilized Nations) meetings they converse about the equality in their countries.
  • Russia is currently tied with Mother England, Uncle Ireland, Granny China, Poppy Japan, Aunt South Korea, Great Uncle India, Brother Australia, Great Grandfather South Africa and Future Descendant The Moon as the greatest country in the world. Quickly followed by every other country except USA which is last

Russia's Ambiguous PresentEdit

Today Russia's great wealth no longer is considered its primary power but its great leader Vladimir Putin who leaders Russia into an age of prosperity not seen since Queen Catherine, albeit Russia is fucking brilliant anyways. Russia also is able to name the 8 Planets in the Solar System as well as the 4 Dwarf Planets (Yeh America still thinks there are only 9 Planets).

Bears of RussiaEdit

Russia is home to the mighty Bear Lord whose secrecy is known by few, Fear the Bear Lord

Russia's Glorious FutureEdit

Russia continues to create new innovations including its recent ability to create a giant Earth with its Own Solar System which they plan to bring everyone except the USA on-board and ditch the USA for this planet soon when they feel like it. Also expect some Americano Bombs hitting Earth in some time

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