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Stephen is an ass.

Real AmericansEdit

Our numbers are growing, soon we will have a Real American Army!

GOP Ad-Men Sought 'Hicky' Actors For West Virginia Senate Race Spot00:44

GOP Ad-Men Sought 'Hicky' Actors For West Virginia Senate Race Spot

Meet the Hicks Real Americans

Honorary Real American:Edit

They may been born outside of America, but they feel like Real Americans

Real American of The YearEdit

Lies About Real AmericansEdit

Liberals say Real Americans hate people based on a particularly unGodly trait:

Okay, maybe this is a little racist. But if this is too disturbing for you, then leave Wikiality, and go to Wikipedia, where there are 98% facts and 2% bias opinions truthiness, but hopefully you are not a little pussy.

The Restoration of Real America from The Communist RegimeEdit

  • Many Real Americans are working to restore America's Past Glory, specially from 400 years ago, if successful America will rise again!
  • Pick up yer gun and start shooting those Mexicans, because if you dont, the Mexicans will shot you! Shawna Forde knows what am I talking about...

Join us now, so we can get our America back!

External TubesEdit

For the religious among us, the God chosen experts at Conservapedia have an excellent article about Real Americans.

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