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Frosty The Snowman
is suffering from a severe overdose of randomness!
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Hitler snow man
Frosty "hitler" the snowman
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Frosty the snowman is a known communist, as he associates himself with Santa Claus. He is also a leader of the underground snowman revolution. He also is a threat to The Baby Jesus as he is French. He is also known as the reincarnation of Hitler. frosty came to be as all snowmen do. in the land of canada the communists made him with snow. but then they put the gay top on his head and he began to dance around. then he was raised by french canadien immigrants to be evil

Evil snowman
look what he did to the easter bunny because it was snowing in April
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How to Avoid Frosty Edit

leading the kids to the gay snowman convention
  • have a Captian America doll handy to ward him away
  • stay in warm places

How to Kill Frosty Edit

  • global warming will kill Frosty and Santa Claus, so do you part and drive big SUV

Is Frosty A Friend To Pedobear?Edit

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