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Nominated ArticlesEdit

The following articles were nominated for 2009 Truthiness Awards

2009 Article of the YearEdit

2009 Word Of The YearEdit

2009 Writer Of The YearEdit

2009 Best Created Image Of The YearEdit

2009 Best Caption from an Article Of The YearEdit

2009 Best Caption from the News Photo Captions Game Of The YearEdit

This category was a 3-way tie. Truthies were awarded to all entrants.

2009 Best Fake Movie or TV Show or Play or Musical Of The YearEdit

Although "Truthiness Boogaloo" was winner in the vote, the judges deemed that all three entries are indeed Truthy material, and have awarded the statuette to all comers.

2009 Best Series Of The YearEdit

  • Recount
This series includes: Recount 2: The Recountering, Recount 2: Truthiness Boogaloo and Recount 3: Return to Hell.
  • Ponzi - Winner 2009 Truthy
This series is typified by Quarter Ponzi With Cheese and Ponzi Motor Company, and comprised by some 14+ linked articles.
  • Foreign Cultures
This series is Tentacle Monster and Yuri.
  • Secret Republicans
This series includes Kanye West, Barack O'Bama, Mahmoud AhmadinIcan'tpronouncethisjihad, Secret Republican, and all those belonging to Category:Secret GOP'
  • Travel

This series includes Chinatown, Jamaica, Hawaii, and River City, Iowa

Best Collaboration of 2009Edit

2009 Best Episode Of The YearEdit

This award passes to Episode 567 without contest.

Largest Bear Conspiracy of 2009Edit

Best Created Template of 2009Edit

Please vote for TWO of the following

Secret RepublicanEdit

2009 Truthiness Awards/Nominees is a Secret Republican.
But I'll Never Tell!


Registered PussyEdit

Don't be too mean,
2009 Truthiness Awards/Nominees
is a registered Pussy.

Horny BastardEdit

2009 Truthiness Awards/Nominees

McPonzie's Value Menu™Edit

2009 Truthiness Awards/Nominees
is a delicious part of the McPonzie's Value Menu™

Debt Miles Plutonium MemberEdit

2009 Truthiness Awards/Nominees
is a Plutonium-Level
Member of the
Reward Program®


Republican TehraniEdit

Mahmoud Ahmedi-2009 Truthiness Awards/Nominees-nejad is a Republican.


2009 Truthiness Awards/Nominees
is a proud und perfect reflection of der Nazi Party.
Und makes The Baby Hitler dance der Goose-Step!

User Most Likely to Replace WatchTVEatDonutDrinkBeer in 2010Edit

Please vote for ONE of the following

Best BiographyEdit

The award passes to Howard Cosell by default, as no other full biographies were written in 2009.

Best Award of 2009Edit

The award passes to the 2009 Truthy statuette, as it is the only award awarded for 2009.


2009 Truthiness Awards Statuette

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